Re: Is there anything comparable out-there?

On Tue, 15 May 2007 18:41:03 -0700,
	Mark Diekhans <markd kermodei com> said:

> There are bug fixes in the CVS tree that are not in the last
> release.  As I recall, there is an essential 64-bit fix that is
> not in the release.

I agree with you that no official release for a long time means the
project is (almost) dead.  Even if sawfish is almost stable, we need
one more official release, I think.  Without that I cannot encourage
someone to use sawfish anymore...

> FreeBSD ports system builds from releases, not arbitrary source
> checkouts, so fixes are not available without building by hand.

Actually these essential 64-bit fixes were imported as local patches
to FreeBSD ports system, so you can build and use sawfish on
FreeBSD-amd64 using the port system.

Revision 1.88: download - view: text, markup, annotated - select for diffs
Sat May 13 17:42:54 2006 UTC (12 months ago) by marcus
Branches: MAIN
Diff to: previous 1.87: preferred, colored
Changes since revision 1.87: +1 -1 lines

* Fix drawing of window borders on 64-bit platforms [1]
* Fix warp-cursor-to-window on 64-bit platforms

PR:             97196
Submitted by:   Yoshiaki Kasahara <kasahara nc kyushu-u ac jp>
Obtained from:  Sawfish CVS [1]

Yoshiaki Kasahara
kasahara nc kyushu-u ac jp

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