Re: Is there anything comparable out-there?

There are bug fixes in the CVS tree that are not in the last
release.  As I recall, there is an essential 64-bit fix that is
not in the release.

FreeBSD ports system builds from releases, not arbitrary source
checkouts, so fixes are not available without building by hand.

Fedore core/centos don't seem to have sawfish RPMs available.
When I request sawfish, my admins just say, "no RPMs, it's
dead, go away".  I have yet to get the CVS version to build
on CentOS 4.4.

The appearance of being dead keeps people from trying it, leading 
to more disinterest and lack of availability.


Paul LeoNerd Evans <leonerd leonerd org uk> writes:
> On Tue, 15 May 2007 14:18:16 +0200
> Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> > I'm a long time sawfish user and it is very sad for me that this
> > project is more-or-less dead.
> Out of interest, what makes you say that?
> I use sawfish on all my machines and, while it's probably fair to say it
> hasn't had any major updates in quite a while, I find that it doesn't
> really need any. There's nothing I can think of I'd like it to do that it
> doesn't already.
> Was there some feature in particular you were looking for, some bug
> fixing, something changed?

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