Re: [sabayon] While I'm at it, potential change to sabayon. Input, please!

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 08:51:56AM -0800, Job Cacka wrote:

> I like the idea of using sabayon-profiles because it reduces terminology
> overloading. Of course if we were discussing removing terminology
> overloading sabayon would not be an option, but perhaps
> gnome-profile-editor, desktop-profile-organizer, or desktop-dossier-definer
> would.i

I don't think there's a need to describe what the program does in the name of
it's config dir.  We have a .openoffice.org3 dir for config, not a
directory :)

I've checked with the Sabayon Linux Distro guys, and they're not opposed to
/etc/sabayon.  Federico's suggestion was to store the profiles themselves
in /etc/sabayon/profiles


/etc/sabayon will contain:

sabayon-debug-log.conf (for now)


Migration for existing installations will be easy: a few cp's.  We'll just have
to document this in the next releases' readme.

Sound good to everyone?


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