[sabayon] BUUUUUUUUGS! And website!

Greetings, one and all!

After a herculean session of closing, marking, organizing, NEEDINFOing, etc.,
I've pared the bug database down to a reasonable size:


Or, in text form:

346890  Please update to latest Pessulus tree
321450  Allow to specify multiple ldap servers
322694  doesn't track nautilus folder options
339064  ngettext strings don't make any sense
357021  sabayon-bookmarks.html garbles the bookmarks
501543  Can't Add Items in System/Administration Menu
522925  Changed the area where you do lockdown
527722  asking for translation comments+explaination
486218  sabayon is not working with SELinux well.
342332  can't build sabayon on opensolaris
580850  Remove deprecated Bonobo dependency
582510  Use GtkBuilder instead of libglade
320593  Multiple selection in changes window
356478  Unchangeable profile
374861  Sabayon follows symlinks down the path.
480937  sabayon-apply spew in my .xsession-errors
497512  Ask before removing profile
501757  Sabayon confiugre.ac doesn't check for python-ldap
522119  [patch] Sabayon admin does not work when libexecdir == libdir
528562  Reference to preferences.menu
596106  Should not display directories in Details panel

Several I've assigned to me.  Anyone wishing to should look at the shortlist,
and comment on the bugs, as they should occupy my time for the next 6 months or

As well, our main web page is.... a little out of date.  The live.gnome.org
wiki page for sabayon MIGHT make a better homepage, once it's been brought up
to date to reflect the current state of affairs: I'll do that later on tonight.

I'm wondering if it might make sense to retire the current hopelessly out of
date main website at http://projects.gnome.org/sabayon/ with a simple redir
to http://live.gnome.org/Sabayon once we get it up to date and spiffied up.  It
will then be easier for the community at large to help "maintain" the sabayon
web site.

Thought, as always, are welcome.

Hope I'm not overwhelming everyone with this flurry of activity. :)


Scott L. Balneaves | Anyone who has a library and a garden wants for nothing.
Systems Department |     --Cicero
Legal Aid Manitoba | 

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