Re: [sabayon] While I'm at it, potential change to sabayon. Input, please!

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Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 7:46 AM

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Scott Balneaves
<sbalneav legalaid mb ca> wrote:
> Hello all!
> While I'm responding to things, I've been meaning to post this for a
couple of
> days, so while it's in my mind...
> Currently, sabayon stores it's desktop profiles, and xml files in
> /etc/desktop-profiles.  This is problematic, since there is another
package in
> the debian package repositories called, comically enough,
> which stores IT'S files in... </me looks into crystal ball, consults
> skrys the winds, talks with the oracle...> /etc/desktop-profiles.

Just so we're clear, oracle or Oracle? ;-)

> This causes a problem for packaging things, since now you have two
> which are trying to maintain the same /etc directory.  Bad mojo ensues.
> So, to solve this issue for downstream packagers, I'd like to suggest that
> sabayon store it's goodies into a LESS generically named area.
> /etc/sabayon or
> /etc/sabayon-profiles
> comes to mind.  I'm not 100% up on my FHS, but /usr/share/sabayon might
also be
> an option.

/usr is for static files created during program installation and so
wouldn't be appropriate here unless Sabyon shipped pre-built profiles.
I think FHS might suggest /var/lib/sabayon as the appropriate place if
/etc/ is not right.

> I'd prefer, myself, to just use "sabayon" instead of "sabayon-profiles",
> because as a first step to cleaning up the logging issue, it might be nice
> read the sabayon-debug-log.conf file from the /etc directory as well, so a
> generic name would be preferable.

I think "sabayon" is good with the only possible confusion that I can
think of is for Sabayon Linux users running Sabayon, but I doubt you'd
be adding to the confusion.


I like the idea of using sabayon-profiles because it reduces terminology
overloading. Of course if we were discussing removing terminology
overloading sabayon would not be an option, but perhaps
gnome-profile-editor, desktop-profile-organizer, or desktop-dossier-definer
would. There are probably even better names that allow the user to
understand what the program does. This would imply a name change, and make
much documentation obsolete, which would be overkill, but it would make it
easier to understand. When things are easier to understand they are more
easily adopted.

Thanks for all your hard work,

Job Cacka

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