[sabayon] While I'm at it, potential change to sabayon. Input, please!

Hello all!

While I'm responding to things, I've been meaning to post this for a couple of
days, so while it's in my mind...

Currently, sabayon stores it's desktop profiles, and xml files in
/etc/desktop-profiles.  This is problematic, since there is another package in
the debian package repositories called, comically enough, "desktop-profiles",
which stores IT'S files in... </me looks into crystal ball, consults entrails,
skrys the winds, talks with the oracle...> /etc/desktop-profiles.

This causes a problem for packaging things, since now you have two packages
which are trying to maintain the same /etc directory.  Bad mojo ensues.

So, to solve this issue for downstream packagers, I'd like to suggest that
sabayon store it's goodies into a LESS generically named area.

/etc/sabayon or

comes to mind.  I'm not 100% up on my FHS, but /usr/share/sabayon might also be
an option.

I'd prefer, myself, to just use "sabayon" instead of "sabayon-profiles",
because as a first step to cleaning up the logging issue, it might be nice to
read the sabayon-debug-log.conf file from the /etc directory as well, so a more
generic name would be preferable.



Scott L. Balneaves | "I know not with what weapons World War III will be
Systems Department |  fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks
Legal Aid Manitoba |  and stones."  -- Albert Einstein

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