Re: [sabayon] Mandatory items.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 02:28:34PM -0600, Scott Duensing wrote:
> I've set up a profile and had some questions on making things
> mandatory.  According to the help, items with a gold shield will be
> enforced.  Everything has a gold shield by default, but all the keys
> end up in .gconf-xml-defaults.
> Also, in the menu while you're editing a profile is an option that
> says "Enforce Mandatory".  Does this do anything?

Yeah, there's a bug on that that I've just noticed, and I've also noticed that
everything tends to end up in ".defaults" which doesn't smell right, does it?

I've assigned the bug to myself, I'll dig into this one.  Keys marked as
manditory *should* end up in the mandatory area.


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