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Sorry, I forgot to spend my 2 cents on the "Rush to SVN" concept:

Il giorno mer, 09/04/2008 alle 18.51 -0700, Alex Lancaster ha scritto:
I also think that time might be better
spent trying to get the plugins into SVN trunk.  So please file
enhancement bugs in for any third-party plugins
that don't already have one.  If you create the plugin as a patch
against SVN trunk, your chances of getting into SVN are much greater
than just attaching a tarball that isn't integrated into the build


Some plug-ins will never make for SVN due to many factors, e.g. they could be developed to address a specific problem of a certain user (it's my case, just look at the plug-in I've released recently on this list) or as an improvement/alternative to an existing plug-in, they could be not as finished as required for being released officially whith Rythmbox and so on.

Just take a look at the list of available plug-ins/script for Amarok released through KDE's extension manager ( ), how many of those ones would be released officially with Amarok? Almost none, since Amarok's devs know that users will be able to get any script available on kde-apps through Amarok itself and plug-in developers know that they have to publish their creations on kde-apps if they want to share them. The same applies to Firefox/Thunderbird and Opera (widgets) just to name a f

The "rush to SVN" is for adding new features to Rhythmbox through a native implementation, not for plug-ins, there would be no point in making available a plug-in system if users should wait for the next big release of an app to use them. ;)

Dott. Federico Lucignano

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