Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [new plugin] Shrink playlist 0.0.1

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 8:19 PM, Federico Lox Lucignano <federico lox gmail com> wrote:
I decided to dive into Python/PyGTK docs and start tinkering with Rhythmbox for my first Python project trying to add a small feature I needed so bad, i.e. the possibility to shrink an existing playlist (either dynamic and static) down to a certain amount of Mbytes/Gbytes/songs, optionally shuffle the result and save everything to a new static play-list (I own a small'n'colourfull 1Gb iPod shuffle and i do like to fill it every now and then with random selections drawn from my favourite play-lists rather than directly from RB's music library, I want to do the same with a 2Gb SD Card I use with my PDA and a 4Gb USB memory I use with my laptop too).

Today I completed version 0.0.1, there are still a couple of features I want to bake in so there will be a 0.0.2 version for sure anytime soon, I'm submitting this to the RB's devel mailinglist for review/tips/comments by devs with more experience in Python/RB/PyGTK than me.

You can download a tarball here:

Very cool. Not to useful for my purposes (20 GB player here), but this is nice to see. For what it's worth, Banshee has this functionality built into its Smart Playlists.
P.s.: is it so strange I've fallen in love with GTK's TreeModel/TreeView/CellRenderer mechanism?

Yes, yes it is. ;)

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