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Il giorno mer, 09/04/2008 alle 18.51 -0700, Alex Lancaster ha scritto:
Don't forget that rhythmbox is used on other distros other than
Ubuntu/Debian! (like Fedora) Launchpad is a little too Ubuntu-specific
for my liking, more appropriate, I think, is the NewStuffManager
mentioned below.

Although I realise that some people won't want to do this for
licensing or other reasons, I also think that time might be better
spent trying to get the plugins into SVN trunk.  So please file
enhancement bugs in for any third-party plugins
that don't already have one.  If you create the plugin as a patch
against SVN trunk, your chances of getting into SVN are much greater
than just attaching a tarball that isn't integrated into the build

"Canonical.maintains('Ubuntu') && Canonical.maintains('Launchpad')" is not equal to "Launchpad == Ubuntu", just take a look at how many distros and projects not directly correlated to Ubuntu make use of it:

The only DEBIAN-centric feature it has is the possibility to open a PPA repository for .deb packages to use with apt/aptitude/synaptic/adept, although they're planning to make possible to do the same thing for RPM's; it's a great tool, light-years forward than Googlecode and Sourceforge (I love Subversion too anyways).

However no one should be forced to use a system he/she doesn't like, those who develop a new plug-in or release a new version and don't think Launchpad would fit their needs/preferences could give the permission to mirror their code/release on the Central Repository.

Don't get me wrong, Capuchin (NewStuffManager) is a great idea, KDE already has something similar and it works like a charm under Amarok & co. but:

1 - it's implemented through C#/Mono, thus it will not make in any GNOME official release (like happens for Banshee, Beagle and Tomboy, please remember also that it was said to be released as a GNOME component for 2.16 almost 2 years ago, no more news available about an official inclusion);

2 - No real application is basing it's own extension management on it, even Deskbar, which Capuchin was developed for initially, isn't actually using it;

3 - It's a daemon (???? why do we need to have an additional system service running in background? just to be notified when a new plug-in release is available? just do it the Firefox way, notify the user when an app is started about new releases of plug-ins related to that specific app);

4 - It's not (and will never be, see point 1) a standard throughout Rhythmbox's user base, while Rhythmbox itself is adopted by all it's users for definition ;);

5 - It doesn't manage different sets of packages from the same repository (and, as Charlotte pointed out, it should be possible for the user to install alpha/beta plugs and finished ones separately, it would be good for testing purposes too)

Dott. Federico Lucignano

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