[Rhythmbox-devel] [new plugin] Shrink playlist 0.0.1

I'm a C++/PHP/_javascript_ programmer moving my first steps in GNOME/Python/PyGTK (yep, I'm a former KDE fan :P); As I recently switched to a GNOME-centric distro, 2 days ago I decided to dive into Python/PyGTK docs and start tinkering with Rhythmbox for my first Python project trying to add a small feature I needed so bad, i.e. the possibility to shrink an existing playlist (either dynamic and static) down to a certain amount of Mbytes/Gbytes/songs, optionally shuffle the result and save everything to a new static play-list (I own a small'n'colourfull 1Gb iPod shuffle and i do like to fill it every now and then with random selections drawn from my favourite play-lists rather than directly from RB's music library, I want to do the same with a 2Gb SD Card I use with my PDA and a 4Gb USB memory I use with my laptop too).

Today I completed version 0.0.1, there are still a couple of features I want to bake in so there will be a 0.0.2 version for sure anytime soon, I'm submitting this to the RB's devel mailinglist for review/tips/comments by devs with more experience in Python/RB/PyGTK than me.

You can download a tarball here: http://lox.ctw.it/misc/shrinkplaylist_0.0.1.tar.gz

After installing & activating the plug-in you'll find a new entry in the pop-up menu for both dynamic and static play-list ("Shrink to..."), you'll be presented with a really straightforward dialog ;)

Thank you guys in advance for your attention.

P.s.: is it so strange I've fallen in love with GTK's TreeModel/TreeView/CellRenderer mechanism? :D
Dott. Federico Lucignano

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