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Federico, I think the Launchpad idea is a great one.  However, Alexandre brought up an important point: approving plugins.  If all available plugins on Launchpad were included in the plugger-in plugin, it might be a good idea to differentiate between those in early-alpha and those in functional beta.  Does Launchpad have any sort of tagging functionality that could take care of this, so that those in charge of approving plugins could put a "stamp of approval" on plugins that are deemed ready for public consumption?  Or perhaps a separate "meta-repository" that links to all approved projects?


On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 10:29 AM, Alexandre <airmind gmail com> wrote:
You could take a look in a plugin I developed that does most of what you want: NewStuffManager in
The NewStuffManager daemon will be renamed according to its author, and it will probably be incorporated in the next Gnome version (if it is not already).
What is still missing is a central repository where users can upload their own plugins to get approval and be availiable to ohers. Maybe the Google App Engine could help in this task, but I think it wont be availiable very soon.
Tell me what you think if you try it. The plugins in there are a little outdated, and I havent included others that have appeared, but the system works in general.
On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 9:01 AM, Federico Lox Lucignano <federico lox gmail com> wrote:
Il giorno mar, 08/04/2008 alle 21.48 +0200, giopas ha scritto:
Thomas Zander ha scritto:
> We need a central repository for plugins that are not part of RB's svn
> trunk. People like the way firefox deals with extensions including
> checking for updates and the like.

I think it would be a very nice idea: most of plugin's authors already 
use a svn repository, maybe we could at least mirror (if they agree) 
their repositories in a extra-plugin/ directory, or even give them 
access to such directory (upon a previous submission of the code to this 
list), like it is for amsn-extra plugins.

What do you think about it?

enjoy, ;)

Or we could open a "Rhythmbox plug-ins" Launchpad account and then develop a "Plugin installer" plug-in so that:

1) We could manage code by bzr which is easier than svn to use and grant access to every developer to his/her own plug-in (we would also be able to manage different teams, one per plug-in), we could manage translations and bugs too from there (launchpad has a load of cool features to manage code repositories)

2)After installing the "Plug-in installer" plug-in (which we should first develop, of course :D) RB's users would be able to click on a "Install/Remove plug-ins" menu entry in the Edit menu (below the actual "Plugin" entry, which we could ask the main dev team to rename into something like "Setup plugins", just to emphasize the difference between those two actions ;) ) and be presented with a list of available plug-ins (retrieved by the launchpad repo) and their own versions (also C plug-ins built for the architecture currently in use) and install/remove them in ~/.gome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ on the fly (the plug-in installer would gently ask the user to restart Rhythmbox at this point)
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