Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] play queue

> With these options, it behaves exactly like a playlist.  I don't really
> see the point of adding them.  What does this allow you to do that you
> previously couldn't?

Then what is the point of having play queue at all? what is its purpose? my
understanding, which may be incorrect, is that play queue is one-time play
list, something one creates for the current mood and will most likely not
want to use next time. it may be cleared with one click, and songs are
enqueued easily (one click without going to submenus). play lists on the
other hand IMHO are something more permanent, something you would like to
survive application restarts, etc... like favorite tracks and stuff like
that. and as play lists are of a value by them selves, they should not be
cleared as easily as play queue (must ask for confirmation at the very least)


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