[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature Requests & Bug Reports

Dear reader,

I just wanted to communicate what for me, would be great additional features for the Rhythmbox media client:

1. Fade-in / fade-out track transition effect - namely, five second fade-in / fade-out transition effect between tracks.

2. With regards to podcast feeds, an option within the 'Preferences->Podcasts' menu to have Rhythmbox retrieve any available podcasts (immediately) on program start.

3. Also within the 'Preferences->Podcasts' menu, an option to keep only the latest, single podcast per each feed, i.e. download only the latest podcast, while having the program delete the old podcast as the new one has been downloaded.

4. The option to re-download a podcast (right-click->'Re-download').

5. An option within the 'Preferences->General' menu to have Rhythmbox run minimised to the notification area / system tray on OS startup.

6. The addition of a 'Now Playing' sidebar (instead of, or in addition to the 'Queue' sidebar) whereby only songs on this now playing list are played and will be repeated. (As it is, songs on the queue list are played once and then playback begins at the next track in the library).

7. In-built ID3 tag support.

8. Option within the 'Music' menu to open/play the disc within your CD-Rom drive (in the event that it has not been automatically detected, e.g. it may be a CD-R/RW with no auto-start).

9. Addition of a 'Stop' button on the toolbar / within the 'Control' menu.

I have also come across the following few bugs:

1. Some podcast feeds remain at "Waiting" and subsequently are not downloaded.

2. When tracks are imported on program startup from the specified watched Library folder, often the scroll bar for the main browser window is not (initially) at the top (i.e. the first track at the top of the window that is displayed is not the first track within your library).

3. Within the podcast browser window, the width of the individual columns fail to remain at customised widths on restart of the program.

I hope that this information will be helpful for you in making decisions about improvements to the player and with regards to future releases / updates. What's more, I offer the above suggestions aware that arguably the biggest asset of the Rhythmbox media client is its simplicity and practicality. Even still, I think these additional features would only make the player even more practical/complete for the everyday user.

Warm regards,

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