Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] play queue

>>>>> "DG" == Dmitry Golubev  writes:

DG> Hi, is there any reason why play queue can not be enhanced to
DG> include both replay and shuffle features, so i can for example
DG> cycle one song. 

Has been mentioned on: but probably needs
wider discussion here.  My understanding of the play queue is exactly
that: a queue that empties as you play tracks from it (although it
would be useful to show, say 5 or so, previously played tracks "greyed
out" like iTunes).  If you want replay or shuffle, you can always use
a playlist.

DG> it also should be possible to add a song there multiple times just
DG> as other players allow this.

This is a special case of:

DG> also it would be useful to have context menu on items in browser
DG> menu, so that a list of albums from different artists could be
DG> added to the queue in the desired order.

See patch at:


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