Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] play queue

> My understanding of the play queue is exactly
> that: a queue that empties as you play tracks from it (although it
> would be useful to show, say 5 or so, previously played tracks "greyed
> out" like iTunes).  If you want replay or shuffle, you can always use
> a playlist.

playlists are useful and provide sufficient comtrols for making permanent
playlists... in other words, lists that you are going to return later to.
play queue on the other hand, is a one-time list and is exactly what i want
from it - a one-time list with convenient control set, that allows to enqueue
songs fast (faster than to a regular playlist), and to clear the list fast
(again, compared to the regular playlist).

as for being or not being a queue, there is always a default action taken when
an item leaves the queue, in your case it is drop. in case of a replay, it
can be added at the bottom, in case of replay with shuffle, it can be added
randomly somewhere in the list (there is no point of queue to be jumping
around... it is a queue after all). and at the top of the queue you may
enable to have a grey box with the last played songs (must be optional)

> DG> it also should be possible to add a song there multiple times just
> DG> as other players allow this.
> This is a special case of:

may be... is it going to be fixed?

> DG> also it would be useful to have context menu on items in browser
> DG> menu, so that a list of albums from different artists could be
> DG> added to the queue in the desired order.
> See patch at:

is it going to be included in later versions?

Also, i see no reason why opening a folder with RB does not get the songs in
that folder played (it is prrobably needs to be enqueued...) like it is done
with files...

P.S. RB is not the only player out there, so people have a choice. i like
that it is not flooded with tons of features i will never use, and would
really not like to swithch to some other player, but the play queue is really
killing me, please give me a chance to use RB...


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