[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI Improvements

>> What about just restricting this to artists for the moment?  That's
>> what most people care about, I think, and there's fewer problem
>> artists.  More than likely you would use search or type-ahead on
>> artist anyway.

Agreed.  But even there, using language is not reallya good idea, since
several artists sing in several languages.  And to give a "language info"
for each artist is just as much work as to give a "sort-tag" anyway.

> On my iPod, I guess it sorts without all common 'The's. For example, my
> Les Claypool Flying Frog Brigrade is sorted under C (Les being a first
> name here, not 'the' in french).

Yes, and the more languages you support the more common the problem
will be.  I.e. it's a wrong way to solve the problem.

> The iPod also doesn't change the name of the artist. 'The Beatles' still
> reads as 'The Beatles' and not 'Beatles, The'.  I think we should keep this
> behavior.

Agreed.  To me, it'd actually be more important to be able to place together
different minor variants of some artists.  E.g. "Ben Harper" and "Ben Harper
and the Innocent Criminals" or "Béla Fleck", "Bela Fleck", and "Béla Fleck
and The Fleckstones".  I might want to keep the distinction (i.e. not use
tag-editing to force all tags to be identical), either because I only have
read-access to the files, or because the variants can be important as an
indication of the style of music, but I'd like to be able to put them
together in the browser.


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