[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI Improvements

>>>>> "JL" == James Livingston  writes:


JL> I use en_AU, but have several German albums and a couple of French
JL> songs. I'm sure lots of people with non-English locales have songs
JL> with English titles.

JL> This means that basing it on the user's locale won't work
JL> correctly. To do this properly either requires a human to indicate
JL> what language it is in (either the user in RB, the tags, or
JL> MusicBrainz).

JL> Well, unless someone writes a program that listens to the song and
JL> figures out what language it is in :)

What about just restricting this to artists for the moment?  That's
what most people care about, I think, and there's fewer problem
artists.  More than likely you would use search or type-ahead on
artist anyway.  

iTunes only does the special sorting without "The" for artists but not
albums or songs.

I appreciate that it's a tricky problem to solve for the general case,
but sorting without "The" for just artists, just for en locales would
probably keep 95% of people who request this feature happy.  So
some non-English artists wouldn't be sorted that way, but most en users
wouldn't want that in any case.


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