Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI Improvements

> If we make sorting ignore "a" and "the" should it also do so for
> languages other than English?
> If so, what do we do for "die"? because "Die Happy" should be sorted as
> D, and "Die Ärtze" should be sorted as A.
> If not, what happens when we run into the opposite problem of "the"
> being a word in a different language, that should be sorted with T?
> We can't do this depending on the user's language, because it won't work
> if they are multi-lingual or have songs that are from something other
> than their main language. The only real solution would be to use
> MusicBrainz's sort tags, which we don't do yet.

Can this be done within the localisation files so if the language is
english it loads the english list, if its spanish it loads the spanish
list etc?


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