Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI Improvements

What about just restricting this to artists for the moment?  That's
what most people care about, I think, and there's fewer problem
artists.  More than likely you would use search or type-ahead on
artist anyway.

I appreciate that it's a tricky problem to solve for the general case,
but sorting without "The" for just artists, just for en locales would
probably keep 95% of people who request this feature happy.  So
some non-English artists wouldn't be sorted that way, but most en users
wouldn't want that in any case.

I agree with this. A simple patch that sorts without 'The' for all en* locales would solve most of the problem. Possibly that could be expanded to sort without the equivalent 'The' for different locales (sort out Die in german locales) etc. Though other locales might want to sort w/o 'The' too, so that step can get messy.

On my iPod, I guess it sorts without all common 'The's. For example, my Les Claypool Flying Frog Brigrade is sorted under C (Les being a first name here, not 'the' in french).

I do have music from a band called 'Les Savy Fav', and that would get sorted under S 'correctly, but I think that is undesirable behavior. I'd prefer them to be sorted under L.

The iPod also doesn't change the name of the artist. 'The Beatles' still reads as 'The Beatles' and not 'Beatles, The'. I think we should keep this behavior.


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