Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Introduction / Ideas.

i could be wrong here, but i think the offending code that does the whole "drag and drop - backwards" thing is in the totem playlist-parser. the only reason i suspect it is that totem ttends to do the same thing when i drag files from some folder into the playlist, the order is reversed. since rhythmbox uses this lib, i can only assume that where the issue exists. just thought it might help. if i ever get a break from classes and work i'll have to take a look.

On Mon, 13 Feb 2006 09:39:53 -0600, Jack <themoken gmail com> wrote:
> Hi all. I'm a long time Rhythmbox user and browsed the code a little
> bit. Never had the guts to add full new features, but now I've got a few
> minor things I'd like to change and was wondering if they'd been
> considered and rejected, or if anybody was already working on it.
> 1. Queue Album option on the Browser album side.
> 2. Correct queuing when you drag from the song list to the queue
> (currently they go in backwards, for some reason).
> 3. More verbose "File is not a music stream" box (i.e. say "You need to
> install gstreamer-plugins-bad" if the files are .m4a or *at least* tell
> the user that Rhythmbox just can't play it... this confused my roommate
> to no end).
> 4. Consolidation of Shared music in the source list (so you don't have
> new shares tacked onto the end).
> Is there any reason I shouldn't get started on any of these?
> --Jack
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