Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Introduction / Ideas.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 09:39:53AM -0600, Jack wrote:
> Hi all. I'm a long time Rhythmbox user and browsed the code a little
> bit. Never had the guts to add full new features, but now I've got a few
> minor things I'd like to change and was wondering if they'd been
> considered and rejected, or if anybody was already working on it.
> 1. Queue Album option on the Browser album side.

You can already drag albums from the browser into the queue.  It doesn't
work quite how you'd expect, as the album browser doesn't know the state
of any of the other browsers, so it'll always add all songs with that album
name, even if you've only got one artist selected.

We do plan to add a popup menu.  The items for the menu will be (at
- add to queue
- burn CD
- rename  (only if tag editing is enabled)
- remove  (maybe)

These will all require some effort to implement, particularly 'burn CD'
and 'rename'.

This is bug #329949.

> 2. Correct queuing when you drag from the song list to the queue 
> (currently they go in backwards, for some reason).

This is already fixed (one-line change).

> 3. More verbose "File is not a music stream" box (i.e. say "You need to
> install gstreamer-plugins-bad" if the files are .m4a or *at least* tell
> the user that Rhythmbox just can't play it... this confused my roommate
> to no end).

This is definitely something that needs to be looked at.  People who
work on this code tend to have already installed every plugin they can, so we
probably don't handle this case very well.

I don't think there's an existing bug for this.

> 4. Consolidation of Shared music in the source list (so you don't have
> new shares tacked onto the end).

This has been on the vague "we need to look at this" list for a while.
The source list currently doesn't attempt to order the sources, so they
just appear in the order they were created.

My idea for the order of sources:

- queued songs  (some people say it should be below the library, but I'm
                 not sure)
- library
- iradio
- podcasts
- playlists    (maybe playlists should be moved closer to the library?)
- removable media (audio CDs, ipods, generic audio players)

We also need to sort out using dnd to reorder the sourcelist.  The
current setup worked when playlists were the only dynamically created

This is bug #318754.

> Is there any reason I shouldn't get started on any of these?

Please do.  If you need any help or advice, ask here or (perhaps better,
depending on what time you ask) in #rhythmbox on

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