Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI Improvements

On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 09:54 +0000, Peter Robinson wrote:
> > We can't do this depending on the user's language, because it won't work
> > if they are multi-lingual or have songs that are from something other
> > than their main language. The only real solution would be to use
> > MusicBrainz's sort tags, which we don't do yet.
> Can this be done within the localisation files so if the language is
> english it loads the english list, if its spanish it loads the spanish
> list etc?

I use en_AU, but have several German albums and a couple of French
songs. I'm sure lots of people with non-English locales have songs with
English titles.

This means that basing it on the user's locale won't work correctly. To
do this properly either requires a human to indicate what language it is
in (either the user in RB, the tags, or MusicBrainz).

Well, unless someone writes a program that listens to the song and
figures out what language it is in :)


James "Doc" Livingston
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