Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a new design mockup for the RB homepage


There are several reasons for fixed designs.. and apart from all the
design reasons ( its just easier to create a nice looking fixed design )

There is one really good usability reason

If you have more than 60 letters on one line it gets very difficult for
the average human to find the next line with his eyes.. and that really
is a killer argument in my taste. 

I have often seen ppl decreasing the browser window size to be able to
read text on a full scale webpage easier..... ( thats one of the reasons
most blogs have a fixed layout.. )


Am Freitag, den 18.11.2005, 16:57 -0800 schrieb Peter Colijn:
> On 11/18/05, Johannes Rebhan <waldgeist gnome-de org> wrote:
> > And by popular demand
> >
> >
> These look really cool. I think I like 6 the best. One question: is
> this to be a fixed-width design? I'm not the biggest fan of
> fixed-width web designs, since I feel that if I have a big monitor, I
> should be able to use it. But that's a fairly minor point; these all
> look really nice!
> Have fun,
> Peter

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