Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions for Rhythmbox

Sorry to dominate this forum w/ a silly debate--this will be my last post regarding the file order...

Librart is simply a view to results of your query, not editor. Think
about Midnight Commander -- it simply lists data which is there (in this
case, file names), sorted by specific criterion. It doesn't allow you to
change the order of files in directory, as this is meaningless to
filesystem, to which MC is only a window. Now, if you want files
processed in certain order, you pass them in that order to whoever needs
them, be it by order of CLI arguments, or creating playlist of sort in
app. This is analogous to library -- manual arranging there doesn't bear
any meaning for something that only presents results of query

RB gives me a list of songs in a window--whatever is in this window WILL be played. Thus we have a sort of "playlist"--I would like to be able to re-arrange this playlist. Whether the developers see fit to let me change this playlist or not is their call.

As I've stated before, in my opinion, it would be nice if I could change the order of these files. I'm not saying that the app should remember what the arbitrary order was when I switch to another view--I would just like to be able to move songs higer or lower in said "playlist." (some seem to think that it would be a crime or that it would serve no purpose--I have a purpose for this feature)


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