Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions for Rhythmbox

systray icon is a way to get to this abstract "IM" functionality

Well, this isn't the way that most system tray icons work, thus it's not very intuitive to me--maybe there could be an option to switch this. Like if you context clicked the music note in the tray, and there was a line that said 'close to tray' and either had a check or no check. It would be simple and unintrusive. (or it could be in the advanced section of the options, along with the add or remove directories from db refresh list)

so if a person has a library that is changing, the program will

RB does that on startup

I think that is the problem :) The idea is to restart your computer (and your apps that you like open) as little as possible. There really should be an option to have the computer do this at a specified interval in specified directories (all in the background w/ a high nice factor)

Allow tracks to be re-organized by hand in the main window. You can
arrange them on a playlist, but not in the main window--why not?

That's why it doesn't make any sense to manually arrange it. This is the exact opposite of playlist, which is by definition a user-created and controlled list of tracks

What doesn't make sense about someone re-arranging the tracks in the program the way they want them? You can already re-arrange them if you click on any of the column headers (i.e. track number, album, artist, etc.). I don't like saving or using playlists--generally I just listen to artists or albums or whatever, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to pull your favorite song to the top of a given list...

I just get an error when I send the stream to rhythmbox.

Note that even if it was, it may still be present in your build of RB / gnome-vfs

I'm using version 0.8.5, built by Ubuntu--I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be the most up to date?

directly download lists of mp3 streams, and let the user bookmark and quickly search

Uhm, could you rephrase?

Ok, if you go to you will get a list of mp3 radio stations... This is good, but in winamp 5, there is a section of their media manager that will let you query their server for the same info--you get a HUGE list of thousands of stations downloaded directly in your media player. You can do this with streamtuner (, but it is not much of a media jukebox system--it would be excellent to have something similar embedded into the player.

I think that some of these things are just personal preference, and the last suggestion would be a lot of work--but I also think that many of these ideas would make the player more appealing to a wider audience. I understand that your goal is to make as simple and functional of player as possible, but it would be great to have a few more options.



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