Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions for Rhythmbox

Dnia 16-10-2004, sob o godzinie 13:48 -0400, list napisał:
> I am using Ubuntu, and have been primarily a KDE user until this point, so  
> I'm used to having a little more control over my media player. (amarok)
> Rhythmbox is nice and simple, but I have a few suggestions that would make  
> it better (of course I realize that 'better' is my subjective opinion).
> Make the app stay in the panel notification area (system tray) when the  
> main window is closed (more like Gaim's buddy list). I am aware that you  
> can just click the musical note to do this, but I think it's pretty  
> standard and more intuitive to have the close button do the same job.

Hmm, not really[1]. RB's icon is directly tied to player, so closing
player window removes icon too. Here, systray icon is basically shortcut
to "hide me" function, plus a bit of informative display. This is
different from, for example, gaim, where you expect abstract "IM" to be
there, not tied to any of buddy list or conversation window (ie, IM acts
daemonish in this respect). Here systray icon is a way to get to this
abstract "IM" functionality

> Allow for a few more setup options--such as a directory (or better, group  
> of directories) that is scanned every x minutes or hours, and maybe on  
> startup, so if a person has a library that is changing, the program will  
> update.

RB does that on startup, although it's true that currently isn't any way
to manage scanned directories list, short of messing with DB directly,
and maybe manually removing all songs residing in given dir from library
(or is there, and I'm talking crack?)

> Allow tracks to be re-organized by hand in the main window. You can  
> arrange them on a playlist, but not in the main window--why not?

Library is not a user-controlled list, it's simply a display of songs
matching current search term. That's why it doesn't make any sense to
manually arrange it. This is the exact opposite of playlist, which is by
definition a user-created and controlled list of tracks

> Use same method of accepting http stream addresses as XMMS--I currently  
> have to use XMMS when I open a stream in my browser. I just get an error  
> when I send the stream to rhythmbox.

That may be related to gnome-vfs migrating to libneon for HTTP
functionality, Christophe, was that bug resolved? Note that even if it
was, it may still be present in your build of RB / gnome-vfs

> And the most important suggestion (and most difficult to impliment)--no  
> music player, that I know of, (other than winamp 5.x) will directly  
> download lists of mp3 streams, and let the user bookmark and quickly  
> search them. There must be a way to emulate winamp and provide this  
> functionality... Maybe it's not possible, but it'd be nice.

Uhm, could you rephrase?


[1] That is, I thought as you do at first, but then, after rethinking,
it made sense. If I close player, I expect it to vanish, if I hide it, I
expect it to still hang around

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