[Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions for Rhythmbox

I am using Ubuntu, and have been primarily a KDE user until this point, so I'm used to having a little more control over my media player. (amarok)

Rhythmbox is nice and simple, but I have a few suggestions that would make it better (of course I realize that 'better' is my subjective opinion).

Make the app stay in the panel notification area (system tray) when the main window is closed (more like Gaim's buddy list). I am aware that you can just click the musical note to do this, but I think it's pretty standard and more intuitive to have the close button do the same job.

Allow for a few more setup options--such as a directory (or better, group of directories) that is scanned every x minutes or hours, and maybe on startup, so if a person has a library that is changing, the program will update.

Allow tracks to be re-organized by hand in the main window. You can arrange them on a playlist, but not in the main window--why not?

Use same method of accepting http stream addresses as XMMS--I currently have to use XMMS when I open a stream in my browser. I just get an error when I send the stream to rhythmbox.

And the most important suggestion (and most difficult to impliment)--no music player, that I know of, (other than winamp 5.x) will directly download lists of mp3 streams, and let the user bookmark and quickly search them. There must be a way to emulate winamp and provide this functionality... Maybe it's not possible, but it'd be nice.

Thanks for listening to my ideas--I realize that most of them are small complaints, but they really do add up. Keep up the awesome work on the nearly awesome music application!


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