Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature requests

On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 12:27, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 02:29, Jörn Hassler wrote:
> > When starting the first time it takes about 5min to refresh all the song
> > infos 
> I can believe that, if you have 20000 songs.  Assuming your hard drive
> has an average 8ms seek time, .0008 * 20000 = 160, or about 2 minutes. 
> Factor in rotational delay and other overhead, and it sounds about
> right.

OK, the Harddrive with my mp3's is an mounted NFS, but it much more
faster with yammi.

> We have plans to optimize the library refresh so that if none of the
> toplevel directories changed, then it'll skip them, but it will be a
> fair amount of work.

That would be fine

> > and when clicking on an particular artist (it depends on how many
> > songs are in there) it takes only a few seconds for artists with a few
> > songs and up to a minute for artists with a lot of songs.
> How many is a lot?  Even a few seconds sounds fairly high.

Lot is 300+

> > When switching back to "All" it takes again a few minutes to reread all
> > the song infos.
> I just tested it out again with 15000 fake songs in my library.  On my
> 1.3GHz Centrino laptop with 1GB of RAM, clicking on pretty much any
> artist took less than a second, even ones with 1000 songs.  Switching
> back to "All" seemed seemed to be at most 2-3 seconds.

My System is a Duron800 with 1GB Ram, if the Delay would be only one
seconds i would not complain about it.

> > Does rhythmbox read the id3tags from the files everytime i change the
> > artist/album/genre? 
> No, definitely not.
> > Why is yammi much more faster in that way? (They
> > only refresh id3-infos on command)
> Did you actually run yammi on your machine yourself to compare?  The
> comparison linked from the Yammi web page is against an absolutely
> ancient Rhythmbox version

Yammi runs on the same machine as rhythmbox does and it seems to be
about 2-5times faster than rhythmbox.
The only thing that takes more time is launching yammi. The program
appears after one minute reading the DB.

> Are you sure you're using 0.6.5 and not 0.5.x?

I'm using rhytmbox 0.6.5 updated per yum (Fedora)

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