Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature requests

On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 02:29, Jörn Hassler wrote:

> When starting the first time it takes about 5min to refresh all the song
> infos 

I can believe that, if you have 20000 songs.  Assuming your hard drive
has an average 8ms seek time, .0008 * 20000 = 160, or about 2 minutes. 
Factor in rotational delay and other overhead, and it sounds about

We have plans to optimize the library refresh so that if none of the
toplevel directories changed, then it'll skip them, but it will be a
fair amount of work.

> and when clicking on an particular artist (it depends on how many
> songs are in there) it takes only a few seconds for artists with a few
> songs and up to a minute for artists with a lot of songs.

How many is a lot?  Even a few seconds sounds fairly high.

> When switching back to "All" it takes again a few minutes to reread all
> the song infos.

I just tested it out again with 15000 fake songs in my library.  On my
1.3GHz Centrino laptop with 1GB of RAM, clicking on pretty much any
artist took less than a second, even ones with 1000 songs.  Switching
back to "All" seemed seemed to be at most 2-3 seconds.

> Does rhythmbox read the id3tags from the files everytime i change the
> artist/album/genre? 

No, definitely not.

> Why is yammi much more faster in that way? (They
> only refresh id3-infos on command)

Did you actually run yammi on your machine yourself to compare?  The
comparison linked from the Yammi web page is against an absolutely
ancient Rhythmbox version

Are you sure you're using 0.6.5 and not 0.5.x?

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