[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature requests

Just tried out a 0.6.5. Great work everybody. I have two features I'd
like to see in Rhythbox.

1. If you click on the applet when on a different virtual desktop,
Rhythmbox disappears and the second click it appears on your virtual
desktop. Could this be modified so that clicking on the applet switches
virtual desktops to the one Rhythmbox is on if its visible?

2. You can change the volume from the Rhythmbox applet. Thing is,
usually stock distro's have a volume applet right next to it, so its
redundant. Could the scroll wheel be changed so that it goes to the next
song/previous song on scroll? That would be more useful in the general
user I think.

Thanks for a great program,

Bob Smith <bob@thestuff.net>

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