Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Seamless playing

> If those backends don't support seamless playback of multiple audio
> files (do gstreamer or xine have provisions for this?) I'll have to
> split that into a decode to audio samples part and a samples output
> part.  Then I could handle the samples in rb independently of the
> backends, opening the next file to play ahead of time and switch to the
> new sample stream right when the first file finished decoding.

As far as I know, seamless playing is a bit more tricky than that: mp3
files are divided into frames, and the last frame is padded with
silence, so if you wait until the end of an mp3 file to switch to the
next one, you'll still get a small gap. (I'm far from being an mp3
expert, so feel free to flame me if I'm totally wrong here ;)


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