Re: [Planner Dev] planner database

Richard Hult wrote:
Geoffrey wrote:

Well it's interesting. I've tried first to connect locally. If I try it as root, I get a 'connection to database plannerdb' failed.' If I try the same as non-root user, it crashes when I attempt to connect to the database. I'm using the same database user name, just running planner as root and a non-root user.

Could you post a stack trace of the crash please?

Okay, got it working on local machine. Here's what I figured out. Going from the last error I presented:

/usr/local/lib/libgda/providers/ undefined symbol: gda_provider_parameter_info_new_full

I checked out and noted that was left over from the libgda-1.1.99 build. I simply removed all *bdb* libs there. Rebuilt libgda-1.0.3 and planner. Started planner and successfully saved a test plan to the database. Exit planner, restart planner, successfully loaded the test plan FROM the database.

Now I've just got to figure out what's wrong with my Postgresq config so I can get the remote access working.

Until later, Geoffrey       Registered Linux User #108567
                            AT&T Certified UNIX System Programmer - 1995

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