[orca-list] scope of this list

Dear all,

A general note,
I feel that the orca list has been diluted recently to include a lot of topics 
that belong on several other lists. I don't know if you feel the same.

I know that it would be good to have one point of contact, but this 
means that we all have to see unrelated posts and that we get less 

Please remember:
* the orca list, is for discussing orca related problems, and how a 
particular problem should be solved if we have alternatives.
* general linux discussions and accessibility of each distro may be 
discussed on the blinux list
* vinux related questions should be on the vinux mailing list
* ubuntu/unity problems may be best discusssed on the ubuntu 
accessibility mailing list.

Do people feel the same/any other views?

Thank you

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