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I'm one of the Chromium developers at Google. On Windows, Chromium
accessibility is improving in each new version - I'd highly recommend
you check out the dev channel to see more recent improvements. Most
recently we added support for multiline text editing and tables with
rowspan or colspan. Support for combo boxes is coming shortly, and
after that I think all of the user interface elements will be done,
all that's left will be fixing bugs.

If you'd like to send more feedback, we created a
chromium-accessibility group for discussion. Anyone on this nvda list
is welcome to join.

As for Linux, many of us use ChromeVox - an extension that makes
Chrome self-voicing. This is what we're using for Chrome OS
accessibility, and it works on desktop Linux as well.

We don't have plans to support Linux screen readers now, but if
there's enough interest and if there's support from the authors of
Linux screen readers, that would be a possibility. If you know anyone
who works on Orca or other Linux screen reader software who is
interested in working with us, feel free to put them in contact with

- Dominic

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 10:49 AM, Tom Masterson <kd7cyu yahoo com> wrote:
What is the current state of accessibility of Chromium Web Browser in both
windows and linux?


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