Re: [orca-list] Single-char silence with new Libao drivers+Orca (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] libao (new audio driver for speechd including working pulseaudio support).)

I'll take a stab at tracking this down, though it may take me a few
more days to learn the code well enough to help debug it.  I'm
reposting this to vinux-development, since this is clearly not an Orca
issue, and there are developers over there who may help out.  This is
a major bug for Vinux/Lucid.


On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 7:46 AM, Nolan Darilek <nolan thewordnerd info> wrote:
On 12/17/2009 11:24 AM, Halim Sahin wrote:

sorry I wasn't able to understand your problem.
1. Can you reproduce this with speechdispatcher and another audio output
like alsa or pulse?

As much as I'd like to help debug this, I think I'll pass. This happens with
the Pulse drivers under Ubuntu, and unfortunately, eliminating Pulse from my
system to test will not only render it incapable of playing back media,
something I do regularly, but will also mute sound on reboot and, for some
reason, no amount of tweaking mixer settings via an SSH session will get
sound back. I'll leave the potentially serious accessibility breakage
possibilities to someone who doesn't strictly need it. :)

2. Can you give us an easy example to reproduce the problem?

Sure, my original description gave you two. Type the letters in question and
observe what does or doesn't speak, and arrow across the line of included
characters char-by-char.

3. Which settings are enabled in keyecho tab of orca?

The correct ones for what I want. :) Echo by character, and all the char
types I'd like echoed. I seriously doubt this is an Orca issue, as it
wouldn't explain the sudden inconsistency that just happened to appear when
I switched to a new audio output method.

4. Maybe you can test this with gnomespeech as well?

Already have and it worked fine, was using that until I switched to SD.

5. Can you please start a new mail thread for this?



No need for apology. I do hope this issue can be resolved, as it makes some
situations somewhat unworkable (typing documents is tough when I don't know
which character I've just erased and have to trigger another to be read in
order to find out) but under every other output method to date, I've been
experiencing occasional lockups and have to switch to a TTY to restart Orca
(or, in rare occasions, the entire X session.) I haven't needed to restart
since using this driver (not that I can recall, anyway.) I don't think it's
ever been this stable for me in nearly two years of regular use. If I've
experienced lockups since Wednesday then I certainly don't remember them,
and I was getting them at the rate of several per day. Oh, and let's not
forget the constant SD crashes under Pulse, wherein I'd restart it half a
dozen times just to type a single email. That wasn't fun, but neither were
the alternatives, and now all of that appears to be gone. :)

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