Re: [orca-list] [ANNOUNCE] libao (new audio driver for speechd including working pulseaudio support).

On Do, Dez 17, 2009 at 02:59:45 +0200, A wrote:
Could you explain what are the benefits of using that library instead
of the default drivers. 

(stability, performance).

I'm mainly interested if it is improving
stability because this is the main concern I have. And seems like
stability is not on the highest possible level with the original

Unfortunately the default drivers of speechd have some problems:
1. alsadriver  segfaults (see libasound diskusion in sd list).
2. Pulseaudio has stability/performance problems
3. oss driver (not well usable under linux because of softmixing issue).
4. nas untested.

Libao works stable here tested with alsa and pulse.
Just try and see :-).

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