Re: [orca-list] Skype's not accessible, but...

"JdL" == Josh de Lioncourt <overlord lioncourt com> writes:

    JdL> On Sep 5, 2007, at 11:42 PM, Jan Buchal wrote:
                            The majority of computer users use Windows, MS
    JdL> Word, etc. etc. From this
    JdL> point of view will be better if we will not use other OS.

    JdL> Not at all.  I use Mac OS X, but I'd run into trouble if the
    JdL> Mac didn't support MS Word formatted documents, for example.
    JdL>  Skype is what most people use, and we need access to it to be
    JdL> able to communicate with them.  It isn't practical to expect
    JdL> everyone we need to communicate with via Skype to install
    JdL> something else.  That's not the same as using an alternative OS
    JdL> to Windows.
If skype will be open standard, then you will be right.


Jan Buchal
Tel: (00420) 24 24 86 008
Mob: (00420) 608023021

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