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Hi to all:

I do appreciate the suggestions on other software. The problem is that none of them are cross-platform and/or mainstream solutions. Given my use for this, Skype is the most viable, first-choice solution.

Don't get me wrong. I use Asterisk and would be intrigued in trying out some of these other packages. But for my business, I would be served best by far with Skype.

Maybe this should be done off-list, but could somebody assist me in understanding QT4 and the problems of access with it? I've received a note on the Skype Linux forum saying how they have chosen it because of its accessibility hooks. It is admitted that these hooks are not yet being used, but clearly there's more than one school of thought on this. I don;'t have the background to understand fully the situation.

THanks for any assistance.


On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Henning Oschwald wrote:

On Mi, Sep 05 2007, Jan Buchal wrote:

if we want have Free Software Accessibility then is better use some Free
technology. For VOIP you can use SIP, IAX H323, but SIP is probably most
of used.

I fully agree. I recommend twinkle, which I use also by myself (aptitude
install twinkle). It uses a qt-based GUI by default, but if you call it
with -c, you get afeature-rich console interface. The speech quality is
rather good if you use the speex wideband codec and Twinkle also supports
converence calls and call redirection.


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