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This is interesting and appreciated information. Using Skype on Ubuntu is definitely part of my medium-term plan so thank you for the help.

Is there an understanding of why Skype is so inaccessible on Linux? Is this something that can be addressed in time with Orca scripting?

My first guess is that the QT4 dependency could be a problem because it seems to be related to KDE rather than Gnome?



On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Henning Oschwald wrote:

This e-mail might be of interest also for some other list members, so
I'm sending my reply to the list.

On Mi, Aug 29 2007, Christopher Gilland wrote:

[using Skype on Linux]

That's all good and all, but how do you set up your account in the
first place if it's not accessible.

Unfortunately, you still have to create an account under Win**ws or macs
or you could ask someone to create one for you. Fortunately, you need to
create an account only once. :-)

Logging into Skype with the Linux client is easily possible, start
Skype, enter your username, press tab, enter your password and press
enter. If you're logged in, your username shows up in the application
title which is read by Orca if you press alt-tab to switch between
running applications. Btw: Skype's configuration files are based on XML, so
they are human-readable and can edited with one's favourite editor.


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