Re: [orca-list] progress of progress bars is not reported., is it a known thing?

On 06/05/07, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
Hi All:

I have some questions about reporting the status of GUI widgets as you
encounter them in flat review.  Right now, Insert+KP_5 should report the
status of controls.  It will tell you, for example, the percentage value
of a progress bar if flat review is currently on a progress bar.
uhh?  since when is this working? I am too happy to know that
progressbars are indeed reported.
I will try it on my laptop when I will burn a cd with brasero in a
couple of hours.
can some one tell me what is the keyboard shortcut on a laptop keyboar
to get the current % of a progressbar?
what I would suggest is that there should be some kind of keyboard
commands that can do the following.
1, read the status bar and similar itoms on the screen.  like for
example when I am copying files the remaining time must be acccessible
some how.  this may require temporary turning on the flat review moe
for that command and turning it off in a flash after the information
is rendered in speech or braille.
2, I think it will do a lot of benifit if more functionality is added
to flat review mode in firefox.  I may encounter a form where the
structuring is not so good and orca can't guess or can't find the
proper lable.  but flat review mode might just help out there.  in
such a situation there should be a key combination to shift the system
(pc) cursor to the flat review cursor so that if some thing gets
identified by the flat review the pc cursor can be moved there if some
one wants to perform an action on the control or widget thus detected.
these are my suggestions.
may be I am a fool to say this but web acccessibility can particularly
benifit if we follow a logic of rooting the actual cursor to a place
in the flat review mode.  this will help at times when flat review is
giving more information about an ill structured application.

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