Re: [orca-list] progress of progress bars is not reported., is it a known thing?

Hi All:

I have some questions about reporting the status of GUI widgets as you
encounter them in flat review.  Right now, Insert+KP_5 should report the
status of controls.  It will tell you, for example, the percentage value
of a progress bar if flat review is currently on a progress bar.  In, however, Halim states
he'd rather have this functionality be more obvious, and it is also
missing braille.

Flat review right now is mostly about moving around the text in a
window: movement by lines, words, and characters.  To date, we've viewed
it mostly as an 'escape' mode to handle ill-behaved applications.  That
is, well-behaved applications should be easily accessible without the
need for flat review.  We also understand flat review is useful for
other things, however, such as exploring the layout of a window.

If the announcement of widget state were to be included in flat review,
I'd like to hear more about suggestions for the desired user experience.
For example:

1) Should there be commands to move to next/previous widget?  If so,
what should the keystroke be (Insert+Tab, Insert+Shift+Tab)?  What
should the braille input gestures be?  Does the user get different
behavior if a widget can or cannot accept keyboard focus?

2) What happens when you first enter/leave a widget when flat reviewing?
Should Orca present the entire status for the widget?  Do you get
different behavior if you entered/left while moving by

3) When you're navigating by character/word/line while in one widget
(e.g., you're navigating the "Show Orca main window" text for the
checkbox in the Orca preferences dialog), what should the desired
behavior be?



Hav a look to bug


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