Re: [orca-list] Orca Document reading function only works partially

Hi Gilles:

I think that the call to the 'say' method of a GNOME Speech speaker should complete before any speech progress events are generated for the text passed to the 'say' method. The reason being is that 'say' is an asynchronous method that returns an id. This id is then used in speech progress events. As such, getting an event containing an unknown id doesn't seem right to me. Maybe something (e.g., the GNOME speech driver for eSpeak?) should prevent callbacks from being called until the application gets the id?



Gilles Casse wrote:
Will, all,

A patch for reading a whole page including blank lines will be hopefully
proposed soon to Jonathan Duddington.
I would have a question regarding orca / gnome-speech.

Using Orca 2.18.0, when a blank line is said via a call to gnome-speech
(espeak_synthesis_driver_say), eSpeak now correctly calls twice the
gnome speech callback: speech_started, then speech_ended.
There is still a problem though: it seems that if eSpeak runs the
speech_ended call whereas espeak_synthesis_driver_say has not yet
returned, then orca does not supply the following line to gnome-speech.
If the speech_ended call is delayed (here 50 ms works), orca supplies
the next line to gnome-speech. I would prefer to avoid this workaround.

Have you info about this issue ?



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