Re: [orca-list] Orca Document reading function only works partially

Will, all,

A patch for reading a whole page including blank lines will be hopefully
proposed soon to Jonathan Duddington. 

I would have a question regarding orca / gnome-speech.

Using Orca 2.18.0, when a blank line is said via a call to gnome-speech
(espeak_synthesis_driver_say), eSpeak now correctly calls twice the
gnome speech callback: speech_started, then speech_ended. 

There is still a problem though: it seems that if eSpeak runs the
speech_ended call whereas espeak_synthesis_driver_say has not yet
returned, then orca does not supply the following line to gnome-speech. 

If the speech_ended call is delayed (here 50 ms works), orca supplies
the next line to gnome-speech. 
I would prefer to avoid this workaround.

Have you info about this issue ?




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