Re: Orca Document reading function only works partially

Hi hermann,

in the revision 2171 from the Orca trunk, the reading function doesn't
work propperly:
In Evolution it simply doesn't work at all, no matter which synth I use
(Festival, Speech-Dispatcher or Gnome speech driver).
In text documents only Festival works correct, it reads the whole
document. Gnome speech reads a paragraph, while Speech-Dispatcher only
reads a line.
I didn't test it in OO documents, but I guess it's the same.
In earlier versions the function works propperly; I use the Gnome speech
driver as speech output.

I'm going to sound like a broken record but...

The list of changes made to Orca since it was branched for GNOME 2.18
are listed in the ChangeLog. One (set) of them was a major refactor. It's
possible this has had an adverse affect.

Would it be possible for you to turn debugging on in Orca and send us
the debug.out created when you retry this?

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