Re: [orca-list] Redrawing of visible screen?

Hi Hermann:

This is a debug feature to help us do a quick check of whether flat review analysis code is working or not. All it really does is draw outlines around what Orca thinks are the text zones/regions in the window, and it is of little use to end users. Sorry for the confusion.

In order to avoid confusion for people in the future, maybe we should adopt a convention of prefixing the input event handler description with something like "Debug:".
What do you think?


hermann wrote:
Hi all,
in the hotkeys list of Orca there's a keystroke OrcaKey+Numlock, which
should redraw the visible screen.
Two questions:
1. What is it for?
2. Why doesn't it work? Pressing this combination I turn on Numlock and
nothing happens.
Perhaps it has been changed or turned off.

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