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Hello. The Freedombox that i'm referring too is the Freedombox port to Linux that exists on to my knowledge, it uses Python, in addition it uses the existing ATSPI facilities along with the mechanisms that Firefox provides to access the content. Interestingly enough,, you don't get access to the browser's native interface, but it does run of course within an X session.

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Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 18:01:27 +0100
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To: Erik Heil <eheil sdf lonestar org>
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Subject: Re: Orca My experiences with FireFox 3.0 and

Hi Erik,
what "Freedombox" are you talking about?
Firefox has a caret browsing mode, which is supported by Orca. In
addition the Orca team created a Orca controlled mode of the caret
browsing, that's however not similar to the virtual buffer. It simply
stabilizes the caret browsing provided by Firefox. It is useful to a
certain extend, but, as Lorenzo has stated, gets stuck some times, and
it doesn't support all operations that can be done on a webpage - see
also Lorenzo's mail.
In addition there are certain keys that navigate the page: "h" moves to
the next heading, "o" to the next chunk. Using the shift key moves
However: There is a small bug I reported a few days ago: Firefox has a
lot of hotkeys using the control key and a letter, among them control+h
and control+o. This keystrokes cannot be used anymore, since Orca
interprets them as navigation operations for headings and chunks.
You see: We still are at the beginning, and there's a lot work to be

eheil sdf lonestar org
SDF Public Access UNIX System -

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