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I am so far mostly pleased with the interaction between FireFox 3.0 and
SVN Orca.  However, I have noticed a bit of a problem that isn't as
major as it used to be in FireFox 2.0 but is still a bit of a
showstopper.  Orca is now speaking the contents of a `combo box'
correctly, but it still has trouble with a `radio button'.  Whenever I
tab to a `radio button', all Orca speaks is `selected radio button'.  I
find I must use the flat review keys in order to click the correct
choice.  I can reproduce this on any web site with `radio buttons'.  I
have also noticed that Orca doesn't speak the labels on text boxes on
most pages.  The Google search box seems to work fine, but most other
text boxes and other form fields aren't spoken and only tell what kind
of fields they are.  Finally, the arrow keys don't take me through a
page as expected whether controlled by Orca or not.  I am finding it
easier to copy and paste the page into gedit in order to read it than to
use Orca in FireFox to read blocks of text on the page.  Are these
things mostly known issues that are being corrected?  Is there something
else I need to do to help me read a web site and navigate it better?

Thanks for any help,
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