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Please no virtual buffering!

You copy and paste a web page into gedit to share it in an e-mail
message and you get things in your message like

table with 3 colums and 5 rows


list of 7 items nesting level 3

need I say more?  Maybe this can be prevented in Orca, but at least in a
copy and paste situation the page *must* appear as it does on the real
screen.  Every virtual buffer implementation I have used to this point
copies and pastes the virtual buffer instead of the real page.  IMHO
this is completely unacceptable and shouldn't be implemented in Orca or
FireFox.  If however a virtual buffer could be implemented in such a way
where a select/copy/paste procedure pulls text from the real page
instead of the virtual buffer, I may be able to warm up to the idea
somewhat, although how do you use a virtual buffer to select text and
then pull the text from the real page based on the selection?  That
seems to pose quite a problem and is a showstopper for virtual buffering
in my opinion.

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