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Hi their. As far as forms mode goes, clearly it isn't possible. One live example is how the current version of Freedombox handles forms once the page is rendered. You never do go into a forms mode, you simply interact with various UI controls that are placed on the form. Now, whether its actually possible to avoid the use of a virtual buffer, that's a matter of opinion. If we don't use a virtual buffer, then clearly we're going to hve to come up with some sollutions to rendering content. One problem I can directly forsee is the communication of updates that may occur in AJACX and sites that use DHTML to communicate the fact the content is changing in real-time. Another problem I can see is how would be navigate the page? We're going to have to have some kind of flat review mode or something similar here.

On Sat, 10 Mar 2007, Krister Ekstrom wrote:

Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 16:25:34 +0100
From: Krister Ekstrom <krister kristersplace ws>
To: Erik Heil <eheil sdf lonestar org>
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Subject: Re: Orca My experiences with FireFox 3.0 and

I do *not* want any kind of virtual buffering.
1: in all too many circumstances in the other os i've seen text cursors
of the virtual buffer being placed before the mouse one and if a link
isn't responding when you hit return or spacebar or something and you
try to rout the mouse to the virtual cursor and it fails, you're screwed.
2: that dreaded forms mode, need i say more?
3: if you want to make your own web pages, it's virtually impossible to
see the web page as it's really going to look, unless of course there's
some trick i don't know about, due to the all too forgiving rendering of
web pages, that makes you think you make a very good page when in
reality you aren't.
These are only some of the reasons why there in my opinion shouldn't be
any virtual buffering if it's at all possible to avoid it.
I am impressed so far with how Firefox works with the not very latest
but still a rather late Orca. I think that navigation is good with the
orca controled cursor navigation. Only trouble right now, and i wonder
if it's an a11y thing or something else is that when one fills in a form
on a web page and then presses the "submit" button FF crashes.

Erik Heil wrote:
Hi their.  Can someone sum up the experiences using the current Firefox
3.0 with the latest Orca checked out of SVN?  If I would have some input
though, I would recomend something similar to a virtual buffer. i.e. the
page content is rendered.  I do know for a fact that Firefox exposes
enough of the DOM tree to make this possible.  Is something for Orca being
planned?  Reason why I ask is that if its not, we should try and come up
with the best way to navigate page content.  Failure to do this may
present problems in the long run.  So what are your thoughs and concerns?
Would be interested to know.

On Sat, 10 Mar 2007, hermann wrote:

Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 15:04:15 +0100
From: hermann <steppenwolf2 onlinehome de>
To: Lorenzo Taylor <lorenzo taylor homelinux net>
Cc: orca-list gnome org
Subject: Re: Orca My experiences with FireFox 3.0 and

Hello Lorenzo,
regarding the radio buttons: It is as you discribed, you have to use the
flat review. But I found another way, which is also not very
comfortable, but does its job: You can click on the selected button, and
you will open the whole range of radio buttons; place the cursor on the
button you want to select, and then press space bar. I did so on the
German Google page, where you can select whether you want the results of
the search presented from whole web, those in German or only sites from
Germany. The radio buttons are placed horizontally.
Navigation with the cursor: It works only in a reliable way, if you are
in an area of the same elements, either a text block or a navigation bar
containing a variety of links etc. You should realise that a lot of
websites are multicolumned, and it does not make much sense, if you get
it read to you across all columns; for example think of newspaper
homepages. That's also the reason, why copying them to Gedit isn't
always a good idea.
I still prefere a kind of reading mode, either in a buffer or as another
solution, where the page is presented in a text only style.

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